The Bankole-Thomas Foundation was founded by Adebayo Bankole-Thomas after he repeatedly saw children wearing tattered school uniform. School uniform was not a priority in Adebayo’s childhood therefore this reminded him of his own childhood experiences and challenges regarding school uniform.

The effects of wearing substandard school uniform can be long lasting on a child’s confidence, development and performance. Adebayo’s desire to give back to his community, coupled with his passion to contribute to a better overall educational experience for children, fueled his decision to establish a sustainable method of providing free school uniforms to government school children.

Why School Uniforms?
School uniform is an integral part of education all over the world. It promotes social equality among students therefore enabling students to focus on their studies. Without the proper school uniform, students face challenges such as being sent home from school, teasing, bullying and shaming from peers and staff alike. These challenges result in a low self-confidence and cause poor classroom performance
At The Bankole-Thomas foundation, our priority is to donate quality school uniforms to the Nigerian and African educational sector, as education is the bedrock of development. The Nigerian education system does not meet the demands of the market. Some of the major problems include but are not limited to; insufficient funding, meager educational infrastructures, inadequate classrooms, paucity of quality teachers, insufficient teaching and learning aids, and affordable school uniforms. 

By eliminating one of the many challenges faced by school children and the education sector as a whole, we can contribute to an increase in one’s penchant for learning and as a result develop stronger contributors to society, whilst providing much need jobs for local tailors. We believe in giving back value, and we thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

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